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All children love playgrounds. They get to run, stretch their legs, and feel their hair fly back in the breeze as they glide down slides. Racing through tunnels and climbing like monkeys, their imaginations are sparked and their little legs will be tired out when the fun is over. While the top priority for children is having fun, the top priority for their parents is safety. As a business, community or government agency having a playground installed, you have a responsibility to ensure that the equipment is completely safe. The first step in this is choosing quality equipment. The second step is choosing an installation company that will do the job right.

Grass Roots Landscaping in Davidsonville, MD has been installing playgrounds for nearly 40 years. Our team is trained and experienced in safely installing playground equipment. Safe and proper installation of playground is an essential part of how safe the finished product will be. Every piece must be accurately installed according to exact measurements to prevent bars and climbing panels from falling out of place.

Every piece of equipment in a playground is designed to hold a child’s weight, and must be installed properly to insure that it can do so. Improper assembly can result in panels that are loose, climbing structures that are not secure, and bars that could fall out of place. The potential for injury from playground structures improperly installed is high. Protect the children who will use your playground by hiring a company that will get the job done right and keep the children safe.

Grass Roots Landscaping is a Game Time Certified Playground Installer

Game Time is one of the leading manufacturers of playground equipment and they have adopted strict safety standards for their products. Grass Roots can also install playground equipment by other manufacturers.

There are places where companies and people can save money, but skimping on the installer for playground equipment isn’t one of them. Falls from playground equipment can result in serious injury, and if the equipment was not installed according to the manufacturer’s directions the owner of the property could find themselves facing a lawsuit.

To ensure the safety of all the children who will play on the equipment and to limit your own liability, choose Grass Roots Landscaping, a company that is qualified and experienced at installing playground equipment. You will enjoy knowing the job is done right; parents will love knowing their children are on safe equipment, and the children will love flying high, crawling low and running around.

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