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Drainage and Erosion Control are important topics in landscaping. Making sure that your property has proper drainage will protect your home and landscaping project by diverting water and run off away from your house and into designated drainage areas. Erosion control is an especially important concern among Maryland residents with waterfront property, but all home owners are concerned about erosion because of poor storm water management.

Grass Roots has over 35 years experience in landscaping and home improvements, specializing in drainage and erosion control. There are a number of areas where Grass Roots can improve your drainage and help control erosion.

Many problems that plague houses are caused by water entering the basement. Water leakage causes foundation damage and deterioration of concrete, plaster and other building materials. It can also encourage the growth of molds that cause respiratory ailments. Every year thousands of homeowners find that they have structural damage that will be costly to correct, but could have been prevented by taking care of leakage and diverting water away from the house. Cracking foundation and walls won’t simply go away. If they aren’t dealt with today, they will be worse tomorrow.

To deal with this issue, Grass Roots provides:

  • Basement Waterproofing Services

  • Downspout Drain Systems

  • Foundation Drainage

  • Sump Pumps

Depending on the terrain or your property, grading may be an option. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle downward slope to carry water away from the house. If this is done, it may also be necessary to do seeding, sodding or planting to guard against erosion.

Preventing erosion and controlling erosion that has already occurred is a careful task that is best handled by a professional landscape with a lot of experience. Erosion can be controlled through a variety of means including improved drainage, using sod and or native plantings to stabilize soil.

If you have drainage or erosion control needs, contact Annapolis Landscaping Company Grass Roots, we can help you find a long term solution to protect your home and property.

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