For the last 40 years, family owned and operated Grass Roots Landscaping has been the leading landscaping and home improvement company in the Odenton, Maryland area. Continuing our commitment to quality allows us to be a trusted source for all of your Odenton, Maryland landscaping needs. We specialize in complete landscaping design themes, home improvement services, maintenance, and repair work.

By offering both premium landscaping and home improvement services, Grass Roots Landscaping is your one stop shopping source. Our Odenton, Maryland landscaping professional team pays close attention to every detail for superior workmanship. Providing the highest level of satisfaction is our primary goal.

Our High-Quality Odenton, Maryland Landscaping Services

Our wide range of experience allows us to handle all of your current and future landscaping needs. From seasonal maintenance to a complete landscaping overhaul, our fully licensed and certified Grass Roots Landscaping experts provides professional, prompt services.

  • Create flower beds, mulch and maintain garden beds
  • Erosion control, irrigation and drainage services
  • Plant saplings or full grown trees
  • Relocate, transplant, trim and maintain trees
  • Landscape repair after a storm or seasonal maintenance
  • Install retaining walls or other decorative walls
  • Fencing and privacy fencing
  • Sheds, arbors, gazebos and other structures
  • Install an outdoor living space with a fully functioning outdoor kitchen, fireplace, fire pit and bar area
  • Ornamental pond, waterfalls and other water features
  • Swimming pools and pool decks
  • Patios with unique designs and built in features including benches
  • Walkways and driveways
  • Playground, play areas and fencing enclosures for extra security for your children

Grass Roots Landscaping offers numerous other services including snow removal and snow plowing services. We want to work with you to meet all your landscaping needs.

Grass Roots Landscaping understands each customer has different needs. Investing in your personal landscape is a great way to add value to your property. We recognize the desire to customize your outdoor landscaping theme with personalized touches. Our Odenton, Maryland landscaping team will work on every detail to make your concept into a reality.

Our Grass Roots Landscaping professional have the ability to incorporate specific details to add an element of art and design to your theme. If you are uncertain on the right type of landscaping touches to implement into your property design, do not worry. Our Grass Roots Landscaping team provides expert consultation services. Our professionals can offer suggestions and ideas to help you find the perfect landscaping theme for your personal tastes. Engaging in high-quality services, we want your complete customer satisfaction for your Odenton, Maryland landscaping design.

If you would like more information on our Odenton, Maryland landscaping and home improvement services, please contact us today. We provide free estimates. Grass Roots Landscaping provides optimal landscaping services at affordable prices. Regardless of the job size, our commitment to quality is always a priority.