Serving the Crownsville, Maryland area for almost 40 years, Grass Roots Landscaping has been providing premium landscaping and home remodeling services. Implementing small changes to your landscape can transform your entire property. We are more than happy to help with simple garden bed installation to a complete overhaul of your entire property.

Renovating your property into a dream landscape design, our experts will work with you each step of the way. Regardless of the size of the landscaping project, we provide prompt, friendly service ever time. Our Crownsville, Maryland team understands the importance of your personal property. We will provide the highest level of service.

Our Crownsville, Maryland Landscaping Services

Grass Roots Landscaping provides high-quality landscaping services for both residential and commercial property owners. Beginning with a consultation to discover your desires for landscaping renovation, our expert team will help turn your concept into a reality. If you do not have a specific landscaping design in mind, we will work with you to develop the best concept to customize your outdoor living space.

Our Crownsville, Maryland landscaping team has the expertise to handle a full range of landscaping designs and restoration services.

  • Installation, planting and mulching flowering or vegetable gardening beds
  • Transporting, transplanting or relocating well-established trees
  • Seeding services to restore grass to bare areas
  • Repairing the original landscape design to restore appearance
  • Install or create a pathway design, walkways or unique driveways
  • Erosion control and solutions to minimize damage to your existing landscaping
  • Pruning and trimming services
  • Installation lighting features around the garden beds, walkways, and paths
  • Installation of water features including an ornamental pond
  • Creating a play area for young children

Even if you do not see your desired landscaping project above, do not worry. Simple contact us, our Crownsville, Maryland landscaping experts have a wide background of knowledge and expertise. We will work with you to make your landscaping vision come true.

Grass Roots Landscaping offers premium services to design your property to your expectations. Our full range of expertise enables us to ensure you are happy with the final results. We want to exceed your expectations with our landscaping services.

Home Improvement Services

Along with our high-quality landscaping services, Grass Roots Landscaping offers premium home renovations and remodeling options. Our professional team wants to work with you on all your exterior and interior needs. Our interior services include kitchen and bathroom remodels, build room additions, repairs, and other forms of upgrades.

If you would like more information on our high-quality Crownsville, Maryland landscaping or home remodeling services, please call or fill out the contact us form today. Offering free estimates, our Grass Roots Landscaping team can handle all your landscaping and home remodeling needs.