A leading landscape company for nearly 40 years, Grass Roots Landscaping provides high-quality service. When most people think of home improvements the concentration lies inside of the house. Truthfully, landscaping your property can be an extension of your living space. Small changes to your landscape provide a larger impact on your home’s appearance.

Engaging our landscaping team allows you to enjoy your project’s creation. Design and installing a landscaping theme, our highly trained Arnold, Maryland landscapers will turn your dream project into reality right before your eyes.

Highly Rated Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services

Turning your conceptual design to reality, our Grass Roots Landscaping provides professional services throughout your project. Our Arnold, Maryland landscaping team will begin with your plan or help in making a customized plan to provide a basis for the landscaping design. We want to ensure your project planning process yields your desired results. Our experts have the experience to create a one of a kind outdoor living area, landscaping paths, and garden designs.

Our Various High Quality and Professional Services

Offering a full range of services allows Grass Roots Landscaping to put our professional team to work to achieve your individual design concept. Our Arnold, Maryland landscapers applaud do-it-yourself efforts. The problem arises when the project turns out to be a larger task than you could imagine. By using our team, you will save both time and money on implementing a landscape theme. Every property owner has a budget to consider. We will work with your budget to provide optimal results in a specific amount of allotted time.

Our fully licensed, Arnold, Maryland landscaping team will use their vast knowledge and experience to complete your property’s landscaping needs.

  • Creating and maintaining flowering garden beds
  • Landscape repairs after a natural storm or neglected property maintenance
  • Outdoor lighting for paths or creating accents in your garden
  • Outdoor entertainment complete with fire pits, fireplaces, kitchen stove, bar area
  • Swimming pools, pool decks, patios surrounding the pool area
  • Tree transplanting, planting, transporting and relocation services
  • Plowing services to rid areas of snow
  • Fences, retaining walls, or decorative walls
  • Water features to create ornamental ponds and waterfalls

Do not worry if you do not see your landscaping design in our service listing. Our team will be more than happy to consult with you about your landscaping wishes. If you can imagine the landscape design, our experienced Arnold, Maryland landscapers will set forth to make your property’s vision a reality. We want you to look outside and see your landscaping dream has come true.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us today. Or you may simply fill out the request more information form, our Grass Roots Landscaping experts will reply in a prompt manner. By providing optimal services, our Arnold Maryland landscaping team will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Making you a return customer is our goal. Grass Roots Landscaping wants to work with you on your current and future landscaping project. Keep in mind, we offer superior home improvement services too.